MC5D2469.jpgOur contemporary collections are comprised of influences drawing from bohemian (boho) chic motifs. We are committed to a brand promise that believes in a fashion industry that values people and the environment. Our exclusive clientele consists of fashion-forward women driven by uniqueness and desire to accentuate her confidence and class through style. We indulge our clients in the DeannaMichel brand with private Pop-Up Shops, Runway Events, Personal Styling and Community Outreach initiatives.



DSC_0164-1-1-800x450.jpgMs. Deanna has an extensive background in personal development, leadership, consulting and education. Her entrepreneurial ambition directly reflects her savvy passion for fashion, women's empowerment and community outreach. Her evolving mission for the DeannaMichel Boutique is to impact the world with chic free-spirited, timeless collections that make a statement.  In tandem with her Business Administration degree from the University of Houston, Deanna also has an Associate of Applied Science degree in Fashion Design and is a certified Life Coach.